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So its almost that time now.  The few weeks before I develop a serious case of alcoholism.  

Yes----- soon I shall be 21.....oh heavens....no longer shall I be excluded from the fun!

Joy....actually-Im more excited about the art show than I am about my birthday.....but by coincidence they fall on the same day.  Hot Damn- this will be an awesome party. 

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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Its my school break now- I want to get the creative juices flowing since I only have a wekk before classes start again but its so hard.  There are distractions in the world- and I am a very prone to distractions.  Thats all.
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There is nothing better.
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Halsted Market days was quite fun last night- although I feel such fun should be reserved for a saturday night.  Now its monday and my whole weekend has been COMPLETELY unproductive.  Its time to redeem myself.
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